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The 55-xxx series by Krome is a popular keyboard for gamers. It’s a good solid built keyboard with an extremely responsive feel to it. It has five extra keys you can press to do stuff not included in the onboard software. What are these keys good for?

55 xxx

Press the Caps lock key to enter a numeral mode. In this mode the keys respond to whatever you press instead of having them respond to what your fingers do. Press the Del key to bring up the programming menu. In this menu you can set your shortcut key combinations and repeat them to get to your five favorite commands.

Each key on the series has a dedicated function for either macro or function keys. For example, if you use the Left Control key then you will be using the macro mode. Then when you want to do something, you can press the Right Control key to bring up the function menu. This series of commands allows you to have a series of commands that you can use at a time. This makes it very convenient to quickly switch between applications and do stuff without having to type a thousand words.

There is a special mode called Caps Lock Off which allows you to turn off the display of the keys so you don’t accidentally break something. You can also turn off the sound effect but you need to turn this feature off separately from the others. There are also special keys for volume, mute, fast forwarding and the like. These commands are not actually part of the main five but rather sub-keys within the Caps lock menu.

If you are using a track pad then you will need to make a choice of the Control, Alt, Meta and Backspace keys. These are the traditional Windows based control keys. When combined with the other keys mentioned above it becomes much easier to use the track pad. The minus sign is used to turn off the monitor as well as the volume slider. There are actually quite a few special combination keys and they change depending on what program you are using.

Some programs require some keys to be held down while other simply allow you to slide them to a new position. The X and the O key together act as the home and the page up and down arrow keys respectively. With these keys and their associated commands it is possible to quickly move from one application to another.

As a result of the mouse buttons being arranged in rows, the layout of the screen is in a way that you can see everything easily. For example, if you need to go to the About Me link but you are typing, the default row for this link is the top left corner. The same thing applies to the file menu. It is much easier to locate the files you need to use with this layout. You can also press and hold any key to bring up the help file or any other commands.

These are the main features of the 55-Xxx series of keyboards. The second series, the 55 XL, has additional useful features. For example, the space bar contains your options for controlling the volume. For those who need to play certain programs, a media player or the virtual keyboard, this series has special commands that allow you to play these applications. There is even a programming language that can be programmed in with the X series.

This is not all, as you will discover when you go shopping for a new keyboard. The most important thing you need to decide is how you will be using the computer. In some cases, the space bar will be more appropriate than the directional arrow keys. For those who type a lot, the lower right corner key would be a better choice. For those who only use the space bar, the series offers a volume control feature that allows you to adjust the volume without having to go to the system settings.

Whatever you need to do, the series provides a user-friendly interface. The installation process takes a matter of minutes. With the included manual, you will learn how to operate the keyboard with ease. All you have to do after this is to plug the keyboard into the USB port of the computer.

The X series is manufactured by many companies including Logitech, Elonex and Saitek. The keyboard comes in three different models: Mini, Full, and Pro. You can also choose from different standard sizes. The price range is also between twenty-five and thirty dollars.

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