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“Sherri Joy: Life in Your Pajamas” is a memoir about what happens when Sherri Joy, a successful stay-at-home mom with two teenage boys, decides to take a sabbatical from her job and spend some time with her family. Sherri’s not a home maker, but she doesn’t want to deprive her children of the joy of spending time with their dad.

At first, Sherri finds herself reading every parenting book she can get her hands on to help her get her kids to take her more seriously. While this seems like a good idea, it’s one that is difficult to follow since it involves so many changes. In other words, it’s too much.

At one point, Sherri tells us that if her children are doing something that they don’t like, “it’s probably a real problem, but if it’s just a bad habit, then my mother’s book will be in my car.” Wow! Not only is this a rather patronizing way to look at parenting, but it’s also something of a stretch. We need to take care of ourselves, too, and sometimes we don’t realize the severity of our problems until it’s too late.

The book really begins with Sherri meeting up with some close friends at a park for a pool party. Of course, she’s wearing a bathing suit! She takes along her bathrobe, but only after she complains that she just can’t bring herself to buy swimwear.

Sherri’s friends don’t mind at all; they’re just there to have fun. So, it’s not until they find themselves staying at Sherri’s house that they discover that this is no time for a bath.

Their friends become roommates, except for Timmy, who is staying with his grandmother. Sherri is so full of life and energy that she hasn’t noticed until now that Timmy’s become isolated. Sherri’s not exactly thrilled to see him so late one night.

He confesses that he’s been thinking about how he doesn’t miss his friends, especially Timmy. “I don’t miss my friends,” Sherri tells him. “They’re not here. You’re here.”

While Sherri is too busy being her best self to care about her friends, her friends are intrigued by the fact that she’s running for President of the United States of America, and one of them even goes out to meet her and ask her to debate her for free. It’s not exactly as popular as debating Ron Paul, but she agrees anyway.

We learn so much about how much people change as they mature, how different people react to many different things, and how powerful and awesome it is to be President. It’s interesting how in some ways, it’s a bit scary for her; she never expected this much attention, and it’s certainly a completely different and unique experience. It’s interesting that this didn’t occur to her when she was in her early twenties.

When Sherri finally does enter the race, she decides that her campaign is going to be one of the most important moments in her life. In her early days, Sherri had said that she didn’t want to do anything until she was really ready. This year, she makes the decision that all the effort she has put into building her team will mean nothing if she doesn’t do it on her own.

Sherri becomes consumed with the question of whether or not her candidacy will end up costing her the support of her family. So, she’s told that she has a choice; go for broke or spend less than she’s worth. Sherri’s not sure which option to choose, so she decides to go for broke.

While Sherri gets plenty of advice about running for office, she has an issue of Running in My House by herself, which contains her best tips. Whether or not you’re going to be running for office, or just being the best mom you can be, this book is worth a read.

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