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Recently I was listening to a Radio Talk Show and the guest on the show was talking about the difference between and To many people who are not in the webcam business, this is not much of a difference. But what I found out is that these two websites have a lot in common and they are sometimes used together.


In the past I have talked with cam models from who told me they use But on this Radio Talk Show host mentioned some of the differences between the two websites. One difference that was brought up is that offers a much more advanced selection of cam models. While provides you with basic cam models.

These cam models that provides to their members are simply porn videos of men and women who are in the business of webcamming. With you have a much wider selection to choose from. Most of the cam models are already rated by the other members of the site. This makes it easy for you to find the model that you want without having to wait on recommendations.

The more basic options available on are only available at the higher pay sites like and The members of also have access to advanced features such as cam modeling software and the ability to sell membership to their web sites for a small amount of money. All of these things can be a real bonus.

But what the two sites do have in common is the cam models that they provide. If you are a cam model looking for work there are other sites out there that provide work from home opportunities for cam models. There are thousands of people who get into the business of webcamming because they love it and now there are sites like and that will provide you with the best opportunities out there.

Now is not the only cam site on the internet but it has become very popular among cam models. The reason why is because of the great selections that they offer. I have talked with so many members of that actually work from home.

There are many different reasons why people decide to work from home. Some of the most common reasons are health issues, new career ideas, and financial security. And one of the main reasons that cam models work from home is because they love doing it. The cam model industry is so popular that people can make thousands of dollars per month just doing camming.

In order to make this kind of good income though you have to build up your own list of subscribers. You want them to sign up to your list so that you can send them more free stuff. But there is another thing that you want to do as well.

You need to find a niche within the cam model community where you can take the most commission for selling your services. This will bring you more income per hour than any other job you can find. For example if you love looking at cam bikini models then start promoting cam sites where bikini models are present and work on site from the time you get up until the time you leave.

Another good idea for a new cam model is to promote a website that specializes in customer feedback and member chats. This will help your website from being the same as every other site on the internet by getting repeat customers and others that you may have not yet even heard of.

I really enjoy the cam models who do their research before signing up for a site. I have had clients sign up for a site without knowing much about the car industry and ended up not liking it. Once they found out the information that they needed they realized how much they could make and the amount of fun they could have while doing this on the side.

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