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One of the funniest things I have seen on YouTube was a random act of muffdive. A random act of muffdive? Yes, that’s it right there. Okay, so, what exactly is an act of muffdive? What is it, you ask?

It is the collective gasp of air created by the pistons of an air-conditioning and heating system in action. It occurs every time there is an upward rotation of the fan blades against the heated surface. There is a loud crackling noise as the air is expelled in the form of a spray. It occurs in the same way with the opposite rotation of the fan blades and the process never stops because it is not random.

A random act of muffdive happens when someone bangs their head on the front door of a moving vehicle. The person, in turn, will hear the rushing sound and will turn to look at the direction of the sound. In the process they will hear a high-pitched whistle blowing, which they assume is the sound of the car approaching. The person will then reach out his or her hand to push against the door to hopefully push it open.

In the meantime, the driver of the car has already witnessed the entire events unfold. He does not need to take it all in. He knows there is a muffled thud outside. His instinct is to open the door and let the fresh air in. With the temperature outside hot and the humidity high, he opens the door.

A muffled thud resounds through the neighborhood. Some people scream and some run for cover. Other people, who were too scared to jump out, do what they can to duck behind a bush or whatever is nearby. One person runs after the individual who had just pulled into the drive way and was trying to open the door. The individual is now being pursued by three other men who had noticed the commotion and had decided to stop the chase.

The person who had pulled into the drive way tries to open the door. This time, it is not the driver of the car who pulls in the other direction. It is one of the three men who had whistled and is now being pursued. It is the one who had whistled that had pursued the man and is now being pursued. Now it is the one with the whistle who has grabbed the other two and is now holding them over the driver of the car. This is the beginning of a very random act of muffdive.

There is nothing about this act of muffdive that makes sense. Why would anybody be chased by three men who have whistled? And why would a car that was freshly put on the road to be driven through a town where there are a lot of random acts of muffdive? There are no rational reasons for this other than it looks cool and it is the most random act of muffdive there is.

If you own a car and have seen this happen to you do not leave the car in the drive way. Get out and see if the driver is okay and if it is the right thing to do to call the police. If you do nothing, it could get worse. The man who was on the car might try to run into the busy street and hit another car.

What if the driver was holding a gun or knife and pointed it at you? Do not be in any way scared. Just get out of the way. You do not know if it was going to shoot or not. The worst thing that could happen if a random act of muffdive took place while you were driving is that you would be in serious trouble with the law.

If you are in a situation where you need to be extra careful because you are on the road or you are around a car that might run into you do not follow the random act of muffdive. Instead, pull off the road as far as possible. Get out of the way. Then, do not go back onto the road until the person who pursued you has given you all the required signs and you have safely walked to your safe place. This person should have a radio with them so they can communicate with the police about your location.

If you encounter a random act of muffdive while you are on the road, it is in your best interest not to make yourself a target. Stay where you are and let someone chase you who has the right to chase you. That way you can avoid any injuries.

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