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Marriage: The Key to a Successful One

Kathierose and his bride-to-be, a full-figured, bubbly pink-eyed woman named Lara, enjoy life together in Kathierose’s wedding. While all parties to celebrate in good fun, a troubling change in their lives occurs, and they are forced to face their emotions and new situations, deciding how to react.

Kathierose, who is a self-confessed introvert, doesn’t show much concern about the change in Lara’s behavior toward him. He doesn’t believe he has the courage to do what he should be doing, so he doesn’t. The two of them manage to survive their marriage, but they don’t really get along.

Meanwhile, Lara, the head of the department store, talks incessantly about her relationship with Kathierose. Soon Kathierose discovers that she has a nubile assistant who is turning her on. This young woman is brilliant, but turns out to be the ‘potential problem’ that Kathierose was afraid of.

Kathierose and Lara’s married life are finally ending in tears and heartbreak. A time for reconciliation looms, but Lara refuses to talk to Kathierose about the issues she has had with him for so long.

Their estranged wives have finally discussed the issues they have had in their lives, and both have come to terms with their mistakes. Lara finally says what Kathierose hasn’t been able to, and tells him that she has changed, and is ready to work things out with him.

When Lara tells Kathierose that she has left him, he cannot believe it. She assures him that her life was not a happy one, but he is not convinced. As the two of them reach for each other again, Kathierose realizes that he has been ‘waiting’ all this time for the right moment to tell her that he loves her.

Kathierose, desperate to mend their broken marriage, begs Lara to leave him. But Lara resists, and returns to Kathierose’s side. Lara is now Kathierose’s boss, and he has longed for the chance to take her as his wife.

Lara, the confident, headstrong assistant, becomes Kathierose’s faithful partner, and they finally try to work things out for themselves. Kathierose’s charm, knowledge and relationship skills are finally discovered by Lara, and together they overcome their conflict and marriage problems. They have worked things out, and now they’re happily married.

Lara finally admits that she has fallen in love with him, and together they marry. Kathierose works hard to make his daughter happy, and the couple lives happily ever after.

The original idea for this story came from an ex-boyfriend of mine, Dan Gregory. While the story was originally intended to be just for me, it was later extended into a novel with Dan’s help. In this book, Dan was able to explore his own personal philosophy about what made a successful marriage.

Dan stresses the need for couples to work together as a team, and the difficulty in maintaining any kind of harmonious relationship, especially with those who are not close to you. He describes the keys to a happy marriage and how to make one last with the best of both worlds.

I think this book is good for people of any age, because it teaches them about the importance of working together as a team. I personally found the relationship dynamics fascinating, and Dan’s philosophy of creating a successful marriage is certainly worth reading.

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