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KendallCools are among the most popular and one of the first, commercially available air purifiers. But what makes them so popular? What makes a person want to purchase an air purifier that will get rid of those smoggy days?

Air purifiers made by Kendallcools are among the most popular commercial grade products on the market today. Many of these same people love Kendallcools because their air purifiers have the lowest environmental impact on the planet.

The global impact of air purifiers is astonishing. For one thing, the chemicals used in manufacturing these devices will be disposed of in a responsible manner, when the device becomes obsolete.

But it’s the fact that the filter doesn’t release a large amount of the chemical compounds it absorbs into the atmosphere, while it cleans, that sets this company apart from its competitors. Instead of releasing this chemical compound back into the atmosphere, the chemical gets stored in the filter itself.

The filter can release as little as thirty parts per billion into the atmosphere when all the chemicals it absorbs into the human. That’s thirty parts per billion of chemicals a year, and that number keeps decreasing.

That’s why people notice Kendallcools so much. These commercial products have low carbon-monoxide levels, which is no small feat.

Carbon monoxide is responsible for a large percentage of deaths in the United States. It’s also responsible for a large portion of respiratory-related deaths. Because of this, most people have experienced discomfort at some point from breathing in too much carbon monoxide.

Air purifiers like Kendallcools give out less carbon monoxide than other air purifiers do. They don’t need a very large surface area, so they can be placed practically anywhere, without any obstructions. Even the flues of the refrigerators, and electrical outlets of the clothes washers they power, are covered by the filters of these devices.

Then there’s the way the filter stores the chemicals. When the air filter becomes depleted of its chemicals, the filter replaces it with fresh ones. This way, there is no loss of quality.

In addition to those low carbon-monoxide levels, these Kendallcools filters are designed to trap other harmful chemicals as well. Chemicals like benzene, lead, and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are all blocked by the filters.

Combined with the low amount of chemicals that end up in the atmosphere, these devices also show an overall effectiveness. Kendallcools claim to remove almost two pounds of pollutants every month.

There’s no arguing with the results of these air purifiers, but no one can say the filters themselves are perfect. Instead, the best thing you can do is look for a top-notch company like Kendallcools, who will stand behind their product for many years to come.

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