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If you have ever tried to make a guy to love you, you have probably heard the words “Wh4thefuck” used. It’s probably one of the biggest turn offs that a woman can have on a guy. But do you really know what this song means?

In high school and college, it was really easy to tell who the person would be talking to. The guys would talk to the girls all the time, they would call them “Auntie”Mama”, or any number of other names for a female relative. The girls would be totally oblivious to all of this.

You were called “Wh4thefuck” if you did not act in a way that was in line with their expectations. The only exception to this rule would be if you were not acting on your own accord, but were pressured by your friends or another person.

Now the story gets a little more complicated, because sometimes the guy doesn’t act as expected from the man. He may be perfectly happy just hanging out with you, and then you have to make him like you. So you must get him to really like you before you can make him Wh4thefuck.

This might sound difficult task, but it is not difficult at all if you learn the two most important steps of making a guy Wh4thefuck. They are, first, you must get him to like you, and second, you must give him reasons to like you.

The first step is extremely easy, and you can learn the tricks of this trade through some courses on certain topics. But the other part is harder, and here’s why.

If you ask the guy you have been dating for quite some time what he likes to do in his free time, chances are he will say he likes to play video games, or go shopping, or watch television. The point is, he cannot possibly like these things in the same way you do. If you do this and then ask him what is the worst thing he has ever done, he will almost certainly say shoplifting.

What about shoplifting? If you bring up shoplifting with him, he will likely tell you that he’s never done it, but if you can show him pictures, he’ll be interested. He might even go into a store and actually try to steal something, and he’ll tell you about it right afterwards.

If you can get him to think about stealing, then shoplifting will be the least of your problems. Once he thinks about it, you can easily get him to love you.

The second step of getting him to love you is a real challenge, and it is even more difficult when it comes to women. Even with the best of you, if you want to make a guy to love you, you have to make yourself his number one priority. It is impossible to do this if you do not fall in love with him first.

The more genuine you are, the more he will love you. The more he loves you, the more he will love you.

So if you want to make a guy Wh4thefuck, you must approach this all the time. Make yourself the most important person in his life. Then you can ask him to come home with you, and you can make him Wh4thefuck in no time at all.

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