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Sherri Joy, the mother of six, was recently involved in a terrible accident. She has suffered a broken arm and several broken bones. She has lost her job, her home, and most of her income as well. She needs help with her medical expenses and with her debt.

Sherri’s credit rating is damaged and she has no assets to fall back on when she needs them. She is a hard working mom who works two full-time jobs. She pays all her bills on time. She is responsible with her finances and does not drink or smoke. Unfortunately, Sherri fell into bad financial circumstances due to poor planning.

Sherri became employed two months after starting her job. She paid her bills on time but did not pay her credit cards. This caused a lot of stress for Sherri, who felt like she was drowning in debt. She used to think that if she only paid her bills, she would be fine. This was an unproductive approach to planning for emergencies and financial problems.

After losing her job and paying all of her bills, Sherri started experiencing medical issues. The first was asthma, which caused her to become nauseous.

As her health problems progressed, Sherri began to take medication without consulting a doctor. She stopped taking her medications at times when she was experiencing symptoms. This increased her stress level and increased the chances of her illness progressing. When she finally had a heart attack, she did not get immediate medical treatment. She was able to drive herself home to her house, but she was unable to get in her car.

The stress caused by losing her job, having to use a walker and being unable to drive caused Sherri to take more prescription medications. Eventually, her medical bills increased and so did her debt. She was facing bankruptcy because of all her medical issues.

Sherri realized that she needed help and went to see a credit counselor. She learned how to make changes in her spending habits and she started paying her bills on time. She learned to budget her money. She also learned how to live within her means. She did not spend any money on unnecessary things. She realized that her spending habits were causing the problem instead of helping her.

Sherri found a credit counselor who helped her build up her credit again. and she was able to refinance her home. She was able to purchase a home because she knew that she could afford it now. She realized that she did not have to spend so much to be safe with her finances. The counselor was able to help her realize that she needed to take care of her credit now that she was financially stable.

In January, Sherri was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived the surgery and chemotherapy. She now knows that she has a chance of living a healthy life after the cancer. She is happy and feeling strong about what she has experienced since she started working with credit counselors.

Sherri has now learned how to control her spending habits and she feels so grateful for the knowledge that she has gained from her counselor. She has learned to have fun with her life and have faith in God. and His promises.

Sherri’s credit counseling has allowed her to start a new life with her financial situation. She has learned how to keep up with her bills and pay her bills on time. She now has money saved to buy a house.

Sherri has found a new lease on life thanks to Sherri’s credit counselor. Her credit counselor has helped her to avoid bankruptcy and live the normal life that she deserves.

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