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With a change in leadership and management the day-to-day operations of YvonneBrandy are being performed by the new management. They have taken the existing training resources and have incorporated them into the new system.

They are eager to receive any feedback that will help improve their system and make it more comprehensive knowledge, and will be appreciative of such input. The change in ownership is the best opportunity to offer the necessary input that will enhance the product.

The new owners are very confident in their ability to achieve and exceed customer expectations and are also enthusiastic to share their vision and goals with the employees. This may include team building activities for some employees, which may further support the training resource and will help further improve performance.

They are expecting some resistance to some of the changes they have made because of the current process that they have used to train employees and they have been using the same strategies for a long time, but they are confident that once they introduce the new systems they will find a good synergy between the new systems and existing strategies. They are now working towards the management of their day-to-day operations, and they are seeing results from the processes they have implemented.

Have the new leadership communicated these changes? Have they helped communicate these changes?

Do they understand that we need to move on and that we need to move beyond our old ways? Is there a vision? What will happen when everyone is moving forward in this new direction?

How do they know that their new approach will help develop employees? Are they getting good feedback that will help them determine how they can provide better results?

Overall satisfaction is what they are going for and what they are judging their overall success by. Overall satisfaction is a clear indicator that the new approach is not creating the results that they are looking for, however, by working within the parameters set out by the company objectives, expectations and internal goals, this may just get them into a place where they can reach those goals.

Response to the system and program change has been positive. In fact, from my own observation and conversations with some of the employees I believe they are seeing the benefits immediately and that they are making a difference.

Overall, you are now moving towards a different set of objectives, expectations and goals. All of the ones that were set up and advertised before are still there but they are being viewed differently and everyone is moving in a new direction.

These new managers are already making changes, however, as they implement the new system and training it will be helpful to have a coach for some employees. This will help to see the differences in their job performance, they will be able to talk with a coach about their role, how they are performing, and they will also be able to ask questions that are not going to be answered to the point of being insulting or even feel unwanted.

I am excited to see the results of this new system and to see where the team is moving in the next three months and year to come. With the leadership change, employees are moving in a new direction and there is great benefit to that.

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