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Have you ever heard of a movie called “85 Porno”? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called anything other than porno.

85 porno

When you hear the word “porno”pornography”, you think of porn. The movies that are produced by porn companies are called points and the movies that are sold at retail stores are often called points as well. I guess you can see why I say “porno”.

So, what is a porno? Well, in the case of this movie, it’s a movie about a woman who gets caught and decides to go to jail. The plot is simple: her boyfriend (or husband) thinks she’s a porno (that’s not too hard to imagine, right?) and they argue all the time over whether or not she’s really a porno or just lying to make him angry.

This is how it goes in the minds of women, anyway, but men think differently. Men have a tendency to assume that “porn” means “dirty”. They think that if a woman is “porny” (and they really don’t have any other way to describe it other than to call it dirty) then that woman needs to be taken care of somehow.

Women, on the other hand, assume that “porn” means “sexual intercourse”. So it’s not surprising that pornographers use words like “nudity”disgraceful” when they describe their work. The term “porno” is used so frequently that it’s almost become a synonym for pornography. In a recent article, The New Yorker magazine quoted an actress as saying, “I didn’t get paid enough for porno scenes.”

“Oh, so you never did a porno?” she was asked. “Oh, no,” she said.

“You never saw a porno?” she was asked. “No, no, I did not,” she said. “You are in porno because you are a porno,” she was asked. “Yes, I am,” she said.

Porn is a very dirty and degrading term, in my opinion. It’s like calling your mother “dirty little Muffin.” Or being called “dirty” for having sex with a guy.

But it isn’t always used that way. If you were to call your best friend “porn” and you saw her doing something nice and caring for herself, you probably would not be calling her that at all. But because “porn” is such a broad term, it becomes so easy to do so.

So why use the word “pornography” at all when you’re talking about porn? If you want to call something pornography, what you need to do is say something like “pornography”. That will give you two syllables.

It’s not as though people confuse porn with pornography, either. People refer to porn with “naked” pictures of women, not porn that includes nudity.

“Naked pictures” is another term that is also misleading. A lot of people refer to porn as “sexy” pictures. But that is not because women are not naked in porn.

It just means the person making the picture wants you to be aroused by what’s on the screen. So it’s not wrong to say something like “I’m watching porn because I’m aroused.”

Women are not “painted on” in a magazine, either. So when you talk about a woman in porn, don’t refer to her breasts. You can just call her clothes or lingerie.

And don’t assume that what you see in porn is what really happens in real life, either. Even the most graphic of porn movies doesn’t depict the woman’s bodies being penetrated.

What you’re talking about in porn may be true, but it probably isn’t what happens in reality. That’s what makes it so embarrassing.

So stop saying “porn” and other inappropriate terms like it don’t mean what you think it does. – it doesn’t. !

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